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What makes us different?

Effective training for fluent speaking & accurate writing
Live Teacher



Live Teacher



Live Teacher



500 hours live group sessions
250 hours live group sessions
150 hours live group sessions
10 or 12 months
7 or 10 months
6 or 9 months
100% accompanied with teacher
100% accompanied with teacher
100% accompanied with teacher
3-4 students / Group
3-4 students / Group
3-4 students / Group
€ 120 additional administration fee*
€ 120 additional administration fee*
€ 120 additional administration fee*
Payment in advance**
Payment in advance**
Payment in advance**
Termination at any time***
Termination at any time***
Termination at any time***

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* Administration fee:
The fee includes learning material, books, etc.
** Payment:
You have to pay the package in advance after booking.
*** Termination:
You can terminate the package without giving any reason at any time. Money for unused lessons will be refunded to you,
minus a cancelation fee of € 40

What is our Focus?

Work with us. Learn with us. Improve with us.
Fluent Speaking
Accurate Writing
Essential Grammar

About us

Learning a language is a process

Have you ever been in a situation that you were near or in front of the door of your new life, but you weren’t able to open that door because your English was not so good?

We know that learning a language is a process and our enthusiastic teachers know how to lead you through this process effectively in order to make you very fast fluent and confident.
We will bring you to your language destination where you always wanted to be.

  • Fluent speaking with confidence and pleasure about your own language skills
  • Fast and professional writing almost like in your native language
  • Thinking and dreaming in English

Expolingua Berlin

RHWK Friedrichstraße 176–179
10117 Berlin, Germany

22. – 23. November 2019

Is it exhausting?

No not at all!

Low Price
Live Teacher
Group Dynamic
Fast improvement

What makes us different?

Great Atmosphere, Enthusiastic Teachers, Real Life Situations

Low Price
  • €/h 4.15 for the Premium 500
  • €/h 4.70 for the Classic 250
  • €/h 5.60 for the Basic 150
Live Teacher
Group Sessions are accompanied with a skilled English teacher.
Group dynamic
Average group size is 3 students and ensures group dynamic so that every student develops confidence and accuracy in speaking and writing very fast.
Fast Improvement
Our focus is on speaking, and you will advance:
  • from B1 to B2 within one Classic 250-hour package
  • from B1 to C1 within one Premium 500-hour package
Evaluate Level
Improve Skills
Real-life Usage

What is our Process?

You will speak from the first day on and improve your English very fast

Starting Point
After joining our School you will have an assessment session with a teacher who will evaluate your current English level
Course Start
You will get your English teachers and your co-students
Real-life usage
The main purpose is to get you prepared for real-life situations when you need to communicate in English without any help

Are you uncertain in your decision?

Book a Trial Lesson

We can provide you a trial lesson to get us and our philosophy known. You will get access to a group session with the duration of two hours.

So stop thinking and change your life!

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I strongly recommend the way I have learned here to communicate with others. All together was a huge step forward in my language life.
Whenever I was broad as a teenager girl, I was shy because of my lack of language skills. I envied others who could speak like a waterfall in a foreign language.
I started very late with improving my English. In fact I was in the middle of my 40s and had always desired to become better in English but my schedule was tights with work and family responsibilities.
If you were asking me what were the most important methods and techniques I learned in our fluency classes, I would answer that each method and each technique and the intensity in which we used them had been unknown to me before.
The shadowing method, the voiceless monologues and the work in our very small conversation groups have had a deep impact on my progress in English.
Learning a language has a lot to do with being intensively exposed to your target language. We moved gradually upwards and in a very professional manner. Nothing happened in a rashly manner. Every next step to make progress made sense.
My experience with the fluency classes was outstanding. Each introduced technique and method was an invitation to try something new.
I want to thank my online classmates and my dedicated coaches for everything I have experienced and learned during the last 15 months.
We both have joined the fluency classes together. We thought after all that classic school learning that we should try something additional and new. Fluency classes with a huge flexibility.
Luisa and Pit